Negan Reveals Key Details Of 'The Walking Dead' Character

The Walking Dead peeled the curtain back a bit on the villainous Negan with Sunday's Episode 8x14, proving fans are more than ready to see his story unfold through flashbacks.

While being held captive by Jadis at her trash heap, Negan tried to reason with the woman who was formerly a leader here. Of course, she can't be a leader when Simon killed all of her people. She quickly learned, though, that Negan is unhappy about the slaughter, as well. After discovering photos of Jadis prior to the fall, Negan tried to show his human side while reasoning with his captor.

"My wife's name was Lucille," Negan tells her. "She got me through. I didn't give her shit and she got me through. Just life. Regular life. The bat, the bat got me through this. So, I named it after her. That's it. Nothing more to do with her than that but it is the last little piece of her that I got left. Sort of like these snaps for you, huh?"

The reveal is pulled straight from The Walking Dead comics, which was previously teased in Episode 8x05. In the comics, Negan was having an affair until he found out his wife was terminally ill. He quickly realized he did not have enough time to make up his actions to her and, after she died, he went on name the baseball bat which kept him safe in the apocalypse after her.

The story was told in its entirety in a graphic novel called Here's Negan. The AMC series proved on Sunday night, the Here's Negan pages would make for a fantastic flashback episode or series of flashbacks laid out across several episodes. After all, some of the best moments in The Walking Dead's history came from flashback. Moments which show characters experiencing the fall have alway offered thrilling developments for both the characters themselves and the world in which they currently reside.

Furthermore, Fear the Walking Dead used flashbacks in its second season, providing some of the show's best episodes. They were reminiscent of LOST in how the scenes developed characters when compared to their present scenarios -- and offering a feeling of one of television's best series ever is a bold accomplishment.


Bring on the Negan flashbacks! Would you like to see them? Share your thoughts in the comment section below!

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