'The Walking Dead's Steven Ogg Teases Serious Negan vs. Simon Confrontation

Savior general Simon will "face the music" when Negan returns to the Sanctuary in Sunday's The Walking Dead, actor Steven Ogg tells TV Guide.

"He's Sid Vicious coming down the stairs singing 'My Way,'" Ogg said. "We know great disaster awaits, but I'm gonna do it my way. There's not gonna be regret."

The actor said the mad-dog Simon will own up to his recent transgressions — and accept whatever form of punishment Negan doles out.

Negan's #2 assumed control of the Saviors in the boss man's absence after Negan had gone missing, and presumed dead, following a fiery basement confrontation with Rick Grimes in 8x12, "The Key."

Sunday's episode, "Worth," sees Simon's actions catching up to him as Negan makes his surprise return to the Sanctuary.

In the tense sneak peek from 8x15, the penultimate episode of season 8, the swagger-filled Negan confronts Dwight — and he seems to know more than he's letting on.

"Not gonna lie," Negan tells Dwight, "real punch in the d—ck when Rick cornered me in the basement with those decomposed a–holes and you guys never showed up."

Dwight tries to keep his cover, but he's likely already been outed by the mysterious passenger Negan picked up on his way back to the Sanctuary in 8x14 — one who will play a major role in the inner turmoil affecting Negan's people.

Simon, having grown increasingly impatient with the rebelling Alexandria, Hilltop and Kingdom communities, already stepped out of line to expunge the Scavengers — a defiance Negan only learned of through Rick and Jadis, who unbeknown to Simon survived the massacre of the junk yard denizens.

With Negan returned and back in his rightful place as leader, expect bad things to come for disloyal Savior generals Simon and Dwight — who, as Simon would tell it, have seemingly formed a somewhat uneasy alliance in the name of "moving on" past the Negan era.

Simon is "not so sure how much he can trust Dwight," Ogg told ComicBook.com.


"I certainly think that he has a connection. He feels some connection there, at a different level. If we're looking at something outside of just being utterly self serving, I think that would be someone I would say that he's had interaction with. That's the answer I'm going for."

The Walking Dead airs its second-to-last episode of season 8, "Worth," Sunday, April 8 at 9/8c on AMC.