The Walking Dead: Negan's Pre-Apocalypse Occupation Revealed

The new world order had to start somewhere.Image Comics released the next three pages of Here's [...]

TWD Negan Origin

The new world order had to start somewhere.

Image Comics released the next three pages of Here's Negan, the 48-page story which will reveal Negan's rise (or fall) into villainy. The first page was revealed earlier this month. To get your hands on the first four pages, head over to your local comic shop and pick up a copy of the Image+ preview magazine. Every month, four more pages will be printed with the Image+ title.

(Spoilers for Here's Negan follow.)

It appears that prior to the world falling apart, Negan was a school teacher and ping pong coach. The story starts out with a younger, still sarcastic Negan coaching a few young men on their ping pong skills. When he is able to ruthlessly dominate one young opponent, he uses his colorful language and sexual references to further belittle the pupil.

After the pupil scampers off, the other two young men apologize, trying to stay cool in Negan's eyes. Negan, of course, wants to be the cool teacher in school. This is revealed when his girlfriend or wife approaches following the kids running out.

Things turn bad when she appears to have a seizure right in front of Negan and lose her footing.

But how about that? Negan was a teacher, just like Fear the Walking Dead's Travis, prior to the apocalypse.