Nike's New Ad Becomes 'The Walking Dead' Meme

Nike's new ad featuring Colin Kaepernick became the subject of many memes with The Walking Dead's biggest characters becoming the latest to take on the black and white banner with dramatic wording printed on it.

The Nike ad sees Kaepernick, former NFL quarterback, front and center consuming the frame.

"Believe in something," it says. "Even if it means sacrificing everything." The villains of Avengers: Infinity War and Black Panther, Thanos and Erik Killmonger, have since become meme versions of the photo, along with several other pop culture figures.

Below, Rick Grimes makes his Nike ad meme debut.

Just 'rick' it from r/thewalkingdead

"Believe in something," Rick's banner reads. "Even if it means sacrificing Dale, Lori, T-Dog, Andrea, Beth, Hershel, Abraham, Glenn, Noah, Sophia, Tyreese, Sasha, Bob, Carl..." The poor guy can't catch a lick of forgiveness for the people he's lost along the way to his final episodes in Season Nine!

Of course, Rick is not the only The Walking Dead character getting the Nike meme treatment.

These just keep getting better I tell ya. from r/thewalkingdead

Negan got the front-and-center treatment, as well. "Believe in something," the meme reads. "You'll only have to give half you s---." It harkens back to Negan's early days on The Walking Dead in Season Seven where he demanded Rick and Alexandria hand over half of their supplies and resources.


"Just do it Negan's way," the meme reads at its bottom.

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