'The Walking Dead': There's A Cat That Looks Like Norman Reedus

The Walking Dead star Norman Reedus took to social media to share a look at a cat resembling the [...]

The Walking Dead star Norman Reedus took to social media to share a look at a cat resembling the rugged actor.

“Ace”. me and u homie ❤️

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The cat, whose name is "Ace" but should really be "Dawwryl Dixon," got the spotlight in a recent issue of In Touch Weekly.

The 11-year-old rescue tabby cat loves "chicken pâté, catnip, and zombies," according to owner Kelly Jory.

"Me and [you] homie," Reedus wrote on Instagram.

This isn't the first time Reedus has been compared to a cat: the Walking Dead star inspired a purrfect take on this cat dressed as Reedus' fan-favorite character Daryl Dixon.

Reedus is a cat person, but the actor has a dog in mind to become his companion in the hit zombie drama.

"I think it would be a Blue Heeler mix, kind of a Mad Max dog," Reedus responded when asked which breed of dog Daryl Dixon would go for. "Sort of light blue with the dots, maybe two different colored eyes, and it would only answer to me, and no one else could pet it but me. I don't want anyone to be able to pet him but me."

"I think it would be really cool, and I think it would add to my character," Reedus said of giving the bow-wielding hunter a dog.

Reedus made headlines in recent weeks after multiple public appearances with his girlfriend, actress Diane Kruger, whose relationship went public in March.

The pair stepped out at the Golden Globes, both sporting all-black in support of the "Time's Up" initiative, and the couple walked the blue carpet at the Critics' Choice Awards, where Reedus was up for best unstructured reality series.

Reedus headlines AMC's Ride with Norman Reedus, which follows the motorcycle enthusiast in his journeys around the globe. Reedus' Walking Dead colleagues, co-star Jeffrey Dean Morgan and director/make-up guru Greg Nicotero, featured in the series' second season.

AMC renewed the show for a third run, expected to debut this fall. The Walking Dead, now in its eighth season, returns from its winter hiatus Sunday, February 25 on AMC.