Melissa McBride On Classic 'The Walking Dead' Cast Getting Together

In a rare moment for The Walking Dead, four characters and cast members from the second season or earlier stood together in the same from during Episode 8x13.

Andrew Lincoln's Rick Grimes, Norman Reedus' Daryl Dixon, Melissa McBride's Carol Peletier, and Lauren Cohan's Maggie Rhee united in the Hilltop's Barrington House. The moment which brought them together was dark and unfortunate but it doesn't make their sharing of the screen any less exciting.

For McBride and other cast members, moments like these are joyous flashbacks to the good old days. "It did [feel like the old days] for a minute," McBride said. "Yeah, it did, but it was just under such horrible circumstances. Yeah, but it was such fun shooting that, shooting the reunion, shooting them coming back in, even though it was just devastating news that they were bringing along with them."


Such moments are becoming more and more scarce as The Walking Dead eliminates original cast members at an alarming rate. Most recently, Chandler Riggs and his Carl Grimes character were sent packing after the apocalypse's favorite child tripped in the woods and was bitten by a walker.

"I'm going to miss Chandler, I'm so proud of him," McBride said. "We started this together I knew him before either of us were ever on the show. Just watched him grow up and he's always just been so down to earth and has maintained that. And I'm gonna miss his character, and I'm so curious to see how this is going to impact Rick too. Yeah, every time you lose somebody it just so changes the whole dynamic somewhat, but I'm excited Chandler and the stuff that he's getting himself into now."


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