The Walking Dead Parody Video Asks "What If?"

What if The Walking Dead… were a sitcom? …were romantic? ...were made for BET ...were written by William Shakespeare?

After the first two brutal episodes of The Walking Dead season 7, and especially having to watch fan-favorite Glenn get his skull cracked in half, we could all use a little laugh to lift our spirits.

The comedy crew over at SMOSH created a hilarious and punny spoof on the hit zombie series, reimagining The Walking Dead as various different television genres, random career titles, and even an '80s workout video.

In the first sketch, Carl is a "dead man walking" because he asked two different zombie girls to prom, when both girls show up at his door angry and upset, they just eat him instead.

The '80s workout video parody is our personal favorite, as a bunch of undead are dressed in neon-colored spandex, jumping around in the air, really trying hard to get the bodies they've always EAT!


SMOSH also pays a short tribute to one of our literary greats - Shakespeare. After a mindless zombie takes a life, he looks to the sky and recites a lovely poem.

But no matter what happens, Rick is always looking for Carl...CAAAAAAROL?

(Photo: SMOSH)