The Walking Dead Ratings Drop To Lowest Since Season 3

Sometimes, it's hard to stop downward momentum. The Walking Dead is finding that out the hard way this season.

Even though The Walking Dead has become a Sunday night cable juggernaut for AMC, it's seen a steep decline in its ratings throughout the season.

(Photo: AMC)

The premiere of season seven, when Negan's victims were revealed, debuted to an astounding 17.03 million viewers. This is the second-highest viewed episode of the series, behind only the season five premiere, which garnered 17.29 million.

Since this season's premiere, the ratings have dropped each week. Episode two saw the biggest decline, as the viewers dropped to just under 12.5 million. Week three saw the the ratings dip again, with only 11.72 million viewing the episode.

Episode four only saw a slight drop, as the Sunday viewers came in at around 11.4 million. This week, just under 11 million viewers tuned in for the show.

While The Walking Dead is still the most-watched series on Sunday nights, it's decline is troublesome. The last time ratings dropped below 11 million was in season three. The show has seen steady numbers for the last three seasons, but fans rare beginning to tune out.

Many theorize that fans are losing interest now that they've discovered who Negan killed. Once they saw the nefarious villain kill a couple of beloved characters, some fans didn't want to watch the show any longer.

In addition that that resolution, audiences have complained that the series is changing directions too often this season. Each episode has followed a different storyline, and many viewers just want to see a cohesive plot from week to week.

Despite these attitudes, The Walking Dead is planning a big back-half to season seven. As Rick gears up for a war against Negan, the numbers should rise alongside the increasing conflict.


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