'The Walking Dead' Clip Features Carol and Rick's Final Conversation?

A new clip from The Walking Dead's upcoming episode may feature the last conversation between Rick and Carol.

The two survivors have been together since the earliest days of the apocalypse and now will be parting ways for good, be it by Rick's death or sendoff to a faraway land. In it the clip above, Rick asks Carol if she is leaving the camp and her post as leader of the Sanctuary, and she informs him she is. "Yeah, taking my people home, to the Kingdom," she tells him. "You've seen it out there Rick."

"What about the Sanctuary?" Ricks asks, puzzled about what to do next.

"I sent Alden to head off the group and lead them back," Carol tells him. "They need to try standing on their own."

"What if they can't?" Rick responds. "What if it goes down the same way it did here? Then what?"

The fault of failure, however, will rest on no one other than the Saviors according to Carol. "Then, that's on them," she says. "They don't want us there anymore but I know they don't want Negan anymore, either. Most of them, anyway, so it's up to them to decide who they want to be."

With a long history, Rick brings it up in what might be his last exchange with her. "Like you did?" he says, acknowledging the evolution of Carol through the years.

"Like we all did," she affirms.

"I don't know if we're doing the right thing here," Rick admits. "I really don't but if anyone gives me hope for how things can turn out? It's you."

Whether or not the conversation continues or ends there will be seen on Sunday night. The possibility of this being their last exchange, however, is very real considering Carol is leaving the camp. Andrew Lincoln's last outing as Rick Grimes will come in the form of Episode 9x05, which airs on November 4, directly following the episode which the above clip is pulled from. There is also a chance the AMC show revealed how Rick will make his exit, fueling theories that it won't kill Rick Grimes.


The Walking Dead Episode 9x04 is titled, "The Obliged." The official synopsis for The Obliged reads, "Rick's vision of a civilized future is threatened by a sudden reckoning with past sins that remain unavenged and unforgiven."

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