'The Walking Dead': Plan To Bring Rick Back Revealed?

Daryl Dixon might have a search for Rick Grimes on his mind if Sunday's episode of The Walking [...]

Daryl Dixon might have a search for Rick Grimes on his mind if Sunday's episode of The Walking Dead is any indication.

Spoilers for The Walking Dead Episode 9x13 follow. Major spoilers!

The Walking Dead might be planting seeds of a search for the famous Rick Grimes if Daryl's comments at the end of the Chokepoint episode have a deeper meaning.

Daryl Dixon has been one of the few characters holding out hope that Rick survived the blast on the bridge in Episode 9x05. Six years went by and he still makes comments about never having found the body of his post-apocalyptic brother. It is clear that Daryl believes Rick could be alive and out in the world somewhere.

At the end of Episode 9x13 on Sunday night, Daryl informed Henry and Connie that they would keep Lydia but not bring her to Alexandria. He wouldn't bring her to the Hilltop or the Kingdom, either. The reasoning behind this is to keep those communities safe and prevent a Whisperer attack. However, Daryl went on to tell those looking to him for answers that they can find a new place somewhere else.

It sure does seem like Daryl Dixon is eager to head out of town on a search for Rick Grimes.

As fans know, Rick Grimes is alive after narrowly surviving being impaled by a rebar in Andrew Lincoln's final episode. A trilogy of films is being developed to tell the characters story as other cast members from the Dead universe sign new contracts which allow them to appear in movies, spinoff shows, and the main series. Reedus is one of the cast members who recently signed on for more years in the Dead universe, meaning Daryl Dixon can pop up in Fear the Walking Dead or any of the upcoming movies (which will likely expand beyond the three movies about Rick).

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