'The Walking Dead': Rick and Gracie Easter Egg Spotted in Episode 9x10

The Walking Dead snuck an interesting Easter egg into Sunday night's new episode.

Spoilers for The Walking Dead Episode 9x10 follow. Major spoilers!

The Walking Dead Episode 9x10 showcased the backstory of Whisperer leader Alpha. In her past, she resided at a small survivor camp inside of a warehouse with her daughter Lydia and husband Frank. However, before the camp completely fell apart, there was a small stuffed rabbit revealed.

The rabbit on the ground in Episode 9x10 was the same rabbit found in Gracie's crib in Episode 8x02. The importance of this rabbit has not yet come to light and it is unclear whether or not it ever will. Given the fact that Scott Gimple is a massive fan of LOST, it's possible the Dead universe's chief content officer simply sees value in connecting characters outside of key narratives in a similar vein to how the ABC series did through flashbacks.

Still, the plan for this rabbit to be featured in a flashback was part of Gimple's plan since before production on Season Eight.

"[Scott Gimple] wrote in the script, a velveteen rabbit," The Walking Dead prop master John Sanders told ComicBook.com during a visit to the show's Georgia set. "I went to Etsy and I looked and there were nine different velveteen rabbits but this velveteen rabbit reminded me of my childhood. Scott's a little bit younger than me, but not much, so I showed it to him and he picked it instantly. Guess where it's made? Scotland. And we only had six days. So I called the woman and I said, 'I need ten of those rabbits!' She said, 'No.' I said, 'We're The Walking Dead!' She said, 'No.' Maybe she doesn't get that in Scotland. So, I explained it to her and how much I really wanted it and what I was gonna do with it and she got really excited. She made me two rabbits."

(Photo: AMC)

The same rabbit appeared in the dream sequence involving Rick, Carl, Michonne and Judith. In the sequence, Judith came down the stairs holding this rabbit. However, this entire sequence turned out to be nothing more than a vision of the future from Carl's on his deathbed. It never came to fruition.

This seems to be an indication that the Savior father who was killed by Rick might have started the apocalypse in the same place as Whisperer leader Alpha. Then again, it might just be a duplicate version of the same rabbit with no true significance. If Alpha or Lydia do stumble upon Gracie or another room in Alexandria or the Hilltop containing this rabbit, it might just spark some sort of memory of pre-apocalyptic days for the current Whisperers.


Do you think the rabbit will become a factor moving forward? Share your thoughts in the comment section!

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