The Walking Dead Fan Spots Rick Grimes Movie Clue in Season 8

Rick Grimes flew away from The Walking Dead in Episode 9x05 for a promised trilogy of movies which has been a horizon almost completely vacant of updates since 2018. What we know from within the story is that he is still alive, he's somewhere near Philadelphia, and Michonne is now on a journey to find him which should call for a collision course in the second movie. Looking back at earlier episodes before Rick Grimes flew off, the seeds appear to have been planted for the CRM community's existence in this expanding Dead universe back when Anne was still known as Jadis.

In an episode set at the junkyard with the Heapsters in the show's eighth season, long before it was known that Jadis/Anne had a line of communication with a larger world, the three circle logo which is slapped onto the helicopter which lifted Rick Grimes away from the area appeared in the trash heaps. This goes to show that Scott Gimple and the team behind The Walking Dead had an idea of Andrew Lincoln's impending exit from the series and brought Pollyanna McIntosh into the show as Jadis as a means to facilitate the exit.

A photo from the episode which captured the three ring logo was posted on Reddit. Check it out below.

Rewatching season 8 saw on a can in the junkyard from r/thewalkingdead

This logo has since made its way to Fear the Walking Dead along with another helicopter and the CRM group will play a major role in the upcoming The Walking Dead: World Beyond spinoff series.


The meaning of CRM, a militarized organization that has appeared in every corner of the Dead universe now, was revealed in a clip from The Walking Dead: World Beyond. The new two-season limited event series introduces a civilization based in Nebraska, home to nearly 10,000 survivors and acting as one of three different civilizations bound by the three-circle symbol seen in several instances, representing the CRM group. CRM is now known to stand for Civil Republic Military.

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