'The Walking Dead': Is Rick Grimes Really Dead?

Rick's grand exit from The Walking Dead might have arrived in shocking fashion during Sunday night's episode.

Spoilers for The Walking Dead Episode 9x04 follow. Major spoilers!

The Walking Dead Episode 9x04 tore some members for the group from one another as the divide of different beliefs on whether or not Negan should be alive grew. While Maggie head over to Negan with killing him on her mind, Daryl distracted Rick and took hm away from Alexandria. After the two talked it out in a pit, they split up in an effort to warn the camp and keep a massive walker herd from heading its way.

When Rick came upon the massive herds, his horse was startled, bucking him off and onto a rebar. He was impaled and appeared lifeless at the end of the episode. Rick Grimes, however, is not dead. Yet.

Andrew Lincoln's exit is scheduled for The Walking Dead Episode 9x05. With next Sunday's episode containing the true farewell for the character, Rick is guaranteed to survive his accident with the rebar for at least one more episode. Whether or not this injury claims him or plays a part in why he leaves Alexandria and his group of survivors behind will be revealed in the next episode.

Whether or not Rick Grimes is killed to make way for Lincoln's departure is unknown, but one specific things his fans clinging on to hope for the character: "My relationship with this part is far from over," Lincoln told ComicBook.com at San Diego Comic Con. "I'm not gonna say anything more than that but I will say, 'Watch this season.'"

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