The Walking Dead: Details of Rick's Helicopter Community Revealed

Fear the Walking Dead finally pulled the curtain back on the community which took Rick Grimes away from the Alexandria area on a helicopter in The Walking Dead's Episode 9x05. Fear the Walking Dead Episode 5x05 dedicated most of its Sunday night hour to uncovering the mystery of the three ring group. While Althea did not ask as many questions as she typically does, some valuable details were dropped regarding the group which has Rick Grimes, as far as the audience knows.

Spoilers for Fear the Walking Dead Episode 5x05 follow. Major spoilers!

The soldier seen in th Season 5 premiere of Fear the Walking Dead wearing the three ring logo was revealed to be Isabelle, a new character portrayed by Sydney Lemmon. "We were doing what we always do," Isabelle told Maggie Grace's Althea of her and her now dead partner seen as a walker in the Season 5 premiere. "Go get supplies. Get in, get out." The supplies she and her partner Beckett were searching for were intended to purify water. It is clear, she comes from a much larger community, and her team and helicopter are referred to as "Ground 17," likely indicating a larger fleet of soldiers and vehicles.

However, while it sounds like this group might have good intentions such as purifying water, they also seem to have their secrets. Isabelle indicated that no one would be able to walk away from their control, especially with the maps which Beckett had been carrying them or any general intel or recreation of them.

"It's bigger than me," Isabelle explained of her community. "Right now, it's the only thing that matters." Are they researching a cure by whatever means necessary? Are they going to destroy the rest of the world? What is going on?

Whatever the community Isabelle is doing, the Indiana-native is fully supporting it. "If someone finds [Althea's tape of the maps], if they figure out how to read the map, it makes what we have, what we're working towards, vulnerable," Isabelle explained. "I need you to give me the tape...This is about the future and rebuilding what we all once had. I will die here if I have to...If you do not destroy the tape, then Beckett's death, my death, it might amount to anything. You want your brother's death to mean something? You want stories to matter? You have to make sure there's people around to hear them one day."

By the sound of it, the community which took Rick Grimes is very well off and has world-sprawling ambition. Could The Walking Dead be searching for a cure to the zombie virus, after all? It is unlikely that it would cure those already infected or reanimated but it could prevent future corpses from reanimating by means of thee airborne virus. What is Rick Grimes going to find himself in the middle of whenever and wherever he wakes up?

Ultimately, the chopper flew off and Isabelle warned Althea not to follow her. However, Althea has never been one to give up on a story, so she might ultimately lead the group straight to Rick Grimes, seeing as Fear the Walking Dead is still about 6 months behind the time in which Rick flies away.

The Rick Grimes movies should be revealing new details at San Diego Comic Con in July.


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