'The Walking Dead': Rick Grimes Movie Details Revealed

The first details regarding AMC's efforts to bring a Rick Grimes movie to life in The Walking Dead universe are slipping out.

Spoilers for The Walking Dead Episode 9x05 follow. Major spoilers!

With Rick Grimes having flown away from Alexandria in a helicopter with Jadis and an unknown pilot to an unknown location, the possibilities are endless. However, the Dead universe's cheif content officer Scott Gimple has revealed a few details regarding the upcoming trilogy he is aiming for.

Firstly, the story will bring Andrew Lincoln stateside again, despite his desire to leave the AMC series in the first place spawning from his wish to spend more time in the United Kingdom with his family. "London is unlikely," Gimple tells THR, "but you never know." AMC programming president David Madden, who recently filled the void left by Charlie Collier's exit to a new gig at Fox added, "My guess is we'll probably shoot somewhere in North America; it's just probably easy to match some version of the terrain we live in."

Regarding the plot of the film, Gimple is not offering much other than the "A" and "B" mystery which Jadis continuously teed up will be a factor. "That serves the overall story to this next story that we have for Rick," Gimple said. Furthermore, Gimple revealed a sensible aspect to the plan. "We know Rick Grimes. He would want to be home."

"He will appear in all three of the TV-movies, too. "I'm going to give you a spoiler here: he does survive," Gimple said. "Well, I'm going to say he's in all three movies. I hate going that far, but that's crazy not to say."

The fact of the matter is, the movies themselves don't actually exist yet. Ideas for the films have been tossed around behind the scenes but a script has not been presented to Lincoln and the actor has not yet signed on for the projects.

"There are a lot of different ways to tell The Walking Dead and we're going to tell it in different ways," Gimple says. "We don't want to see people doing the same thing, with the same motivations or people with the same lives; it needs to be differentiated from each other in the types of stories that they're telling, themes and the tones we're exploring." Whether or not the movies lead Rick back to the characters still telling stories on Sunday nights remains to be seen.


"We look at this as a very long-term proposition," Madden said. In the end, the plans is to make these titles feel like "large, big scope movie that will feel like a major motion picture," more so than another episode of The Walking Dead.

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