'The Walking Dead': Andrew Lincoln Teases Rick And Michonne Babies

With the All Out War out of the way, Rick Grimes might be thinking it's time to repopulate the world of The Walking Dead.

The character has risen above Negan and his Saviors, in addition to overtaking the many threats which have faced him along the way, and might finally have a chance to settle down with his lady Michonne for a minute. Rick may have lost his son along the way but Andrew Lincoln is now teasing some new babies coming all along.

When asked by ComicBook.com if Rick is still ready to repopulate the world with Michonne despite losing his son, Lincoln laughed, "I think that's all they've been doing during the hiatus."

Well before the days when the world or even the cast knew Carl Grimes was going to be killed off, Lincoln expressed interest in his character helping to repopulate the world in a separate interview. "Oh, yeah. Without a doubt," Lincoln said. "I think the whole point is to start again and to restart and it's about the future, and it's obviously the next generation and, as far as we can tell, we're outnumbered undead to human a lot. It is about repopulating the world. I think that they make a terrific couple and I don't think he would hesitate. Also, maybe in a couple of episodes time, there may be a jump ahead in the curve and maybe setting themselves to that job at hand."

Rick and Michonne's relationship, of course, is a wild card for the TV series. The two characters never connected romantically in Robert Kirkman's The Walking Dead comics, so the fact that Rick never has another kid in the source material (so far) does not necessarily mean it can't happen on the TV series.


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