'The Walking Dead' Just Gave Rick and Michonne a Richonne Baby

Rick Grimes is officially a biological father on The Walking Dead, with his and Michonne's child [...]

Rick Grimes is officially a biological father on The Walking Dead, with his and Michonne's child having appeared.

In Rick's absence, Michonne has delivered their first child together. In fact, this child is biologically the only child related to Rick or Michonne, despite Michonne having stuck around to raise Judith. In Episode 9x05, Rick Grimes was left thought dead by the survivors in Alexandria but flew away with Jadis to an unknown location.

Should Rick return to Alexandria, six years later or more given the time jump which has taken place, he will be introduced to his baby boy.

(Photo: AMC)

The name of the Richonne child was not revealed in Episode 9x06, although he was seen in Michonne's house living with her and Judith. The idea of having a child is one which Andrew Lincoln and Danai Gurira had been teasing for some time.

When asked by ComicBook.com if Rick is still ready to repopulate the world with Michonne despite losing his son, Lincoln laughed, "I think that's all they've been doing during the hiatus."

More seriously, Lincoln did admit that having a child became Rick's goal. "I think the whole point is to start again and to restart and it's about the future, and it's obviously the next generation and, as far as we can tell, we're outnumbered undead to human a lot," the actor said. "It is about repopulating the world. I think that they make a terrific couple and I don't think he would hesitate. Also, maybe in a couple of episodes time, there may be a jump ahead in the curve and maybe setting themselves to that job at hand."

Gurira echoed a similar sentiment regarding the characters bringing a little one into the post-apocalyptic world. "Well, I mean, possibly," Gurira said. "And I think for them it really is practicing what they're preaching. This is what they're believing in. I think it's also something very healing for both of them, to really put their minds to work."

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