The Walking Dead: Rick's Exit Might've Had a Huge Crossover Easter Egg

Rick Grimes has been gone from The Walking Dead for more than a year with Episode 9x05 having aired in the beginning of November in 2018. Andrew Lincoln's exit came with his popular character flying off in a helicopter to an undisclosed location for movies which are taking way too long to offer any updates. While fans wait for news regarding the return of Rick Grimes, there might be an interesting new Easter egg hidden in his final episode to ponder in the mean time. The bridge which Rick blew up to save his friends from a herd of walkers has "WES" spray painted on the side of it which could mean nothing. However, it could also be a tease of a massive crossover event with characters from Fear the Walking Dead.

In Fear the Walking Dead's most recent season, it was revealed characters really like painting. The dull plot point consumed most of Alycia Debnam-Carey's screen time as Alicia Clark but it ultimately lead to her joining newcomer Wes and the one-man painting guild. The two would go on to spread messages of hope and positivity with their paint, most often in white paint. The paint on the side of the bride is white with "WES" written on it. The whole thing has fans speculating that the characters from Fear the Walking Dead might be nearby -- which had previously been a popular theory based on the radio transmissions when Rick was found (more on that below).

Check out an image of Rick on the bridge with "WES" painted on it in Episode 9x05 below.

(Photo: AMC / The Walking Dead)

Previously, a theory based on the voices heard on the radio in Jadis' hand tied the Fear the Walking Dead characters to Rick's big exit. Over that radio nearby Rick having washed ashore came a transmission of someone saying "Rick!" before some details about the herd of walkers which the Alexandrian leader had been trying to lead away from the communities. Then comes a woman's voice: "Move north, regroup the rest, fire some guns!"

The thing is, no one in the scene when Rick blew the bridge appeared to be talking over radios. Meanwhile, the characters from Fear the Walking Dead talk over radios, constantly. Looking back at the scene, it seems as though those voices might belong to Alicia Clark and Dwight.

Listen to the clip in the video below...

Fear the Walking Dead is currently dealing with a group which might be tied to the three communities which Rick Grimes flew off to. The Dead universe's chief content officer Scott Gimple confirmed that the three-circle logo seen on the helicopters in both Fear the Walking Dead and The Walking Dead represent three communities, one of which will be deeply explored on the upcoming third series in 2020.

With Fear's Althea set on investigating stories and also having a personal interest in finding more information about these three-circle-represented communities, could the characters have found themselves nearby for Rick's disappearance and went on to follow him instead of heading to Alexandria? After all, if Morgan does die as was teased in the Season 5 finale of Fear the Walking Dead, the remaining characters might not have much interest in heading to Alexandria.


Do you think this is all just a coincidence or is the Dead universe gearing up for a massive crossover? Share your thoughts in the comment section or drop me a comment on Instagram.

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