'The Walking Dead': Rick's Scary Season 9 Weapon Revealed

It looks like Rick Grimes is getting a crazy and terrifying new weapon in The Walking Dead Season Nine.

Spotted by fans who got a hold of photos from the production of The Walking Dead's upcoming episodes, Rick has some sort of club with some interesting pointed spikes on its end. The weapon might, in part, be inspired by the fact that Rick comes equipped with a cane in The Walking Dead comics which followed the war with Negan. However, some fans are speculating that the weapon is inspired by Lucille.

Check out the photos of Rick's new toy in the tweet below!

Fans will also notice, Lincoln has shaved his head and grown an impressive beard. It's a look consistent with that of Rick Grimes in the post-time jump era of The Walking Dead comics.

As for how the weapon will come into play, fans will have to wait and see when The Walking Dead returns. Rick, however, might just need all of the help he can get as a feud could be on the horizon with not only the Whisperers, but also with his old friend Maggie.

"She's terrifying. When she comes full-Cohan, that emotional force is like a freakin' hurricane," Rick actor Andrew Lincoln told ComicBook.com. "It's crazy. That's a big turn. It makes for a very interesting set up for this year, certainly. I'm excited. She's a wonderful actress, LC. She's so true. When she hits it, there's nobody like her. I think it's wonderful that she's got this power as a performer and also the stage that Maggie now has in the show and in the community, what she represents, I think it makes for a formidable force."

Season Nine will examine what the fallout of Rick's decision regarding Negan's fate will do to his pre-existing relationships. "I think there's a very strong ideology from Rick that there's problems," Lincoln said. "Are those cracks gonna be able to mend or are they gonna move apart even wider? That makes for interesting drama, certainly."


With the war between Rick and Negan having finally concluded, the aftermath might not be the happy ending some had in mind. "I'm just interested in that," Lincoln said. "It happens all the time. We see it in the news all the time. Vacuums. What happens? What moves into that?"

The Walking Dead will return for its ninth season in the fall. Fear the Walking Dead airs Sundays at 9 pm ET on AMC. For complete coverage and insider info all year long, follow @BrandonDavisBD on Twitter.