Major Detail Spotted in 'The Walking Dead' Hallucination Scene

The Walking Dead may have distracted fans with a pile of bodies consisting of living and dead characters, causing a major detail of the "field of the dead" scene to be missed until now.

Spoilers for The Walking Dead Episode 9x05 follow. Additionally, spoilers for The Walking Dead comics. Major spoilers!

In a screenshot from the sequence which saw Rick Grimes being transported to a field of dead bodies -- a tribute to a variant cover of The Walking Dead issue #100 -- Rosita is seen with her hand interlocked with Eugene's. The two characters have never been romantic on The Walking Dead TV series, but have a story from the comics which could come to fruition.

In Robert Kirkman's source material, Rosita and Eugene become romantic in the time which has followed the "All Out War" arc. Rosita struggles to accept her attraction to Eugene but eventually gives into it, and they begin a relationship. Major spoilers follow from the comics, but it leads to Rosita becoming pregnant, and it is revealed that the baby was not Eugene's.

In the books, Rosita ends up becoming pregnant with Siddiq's baby, but she is killed by the Whisperers before she gives birth. Whether the TV series will follow any bit of these stories is to be seen, but Eugene and Rosita's hand-holding in Rick's dream sequence seem to be an indication of it being on the horizon, if not simply a nod to the source material.


There may be more Easter eggs waiting to be uncovered in that field of the dead scene. Lori, Carl, and others did appear in the episode in some form, though. "Well, you know, we had in the field of the dead there was a lot of bodies there, and actually at one point we had the dummy of Chandler that we had made from season six," The Walking Dead executive producer and director of Episode 9x05 Greg Nicotero explained on's After the Dead. The "field of the dead," as Nicotero calls it, also featured Shane, Beth, Negan, and many other familiar faces.

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