Ross Marquand Reveals His Ideal Walking Dead Death for Aaron

Ross Marquand wants an action hero quip handy if, or when, Aaron meets his end on The Walking Dead.

“I think it’d be cool if — because I’ve got this metal arm now and this metal hand — I feel like if I were to kill a Whisperer in a really epic fashion,” Marquand said at Emerald City Comic Con when asked to envision his final scene. “He’s about to deliver the final blow to kill me, and maybe we kill each other at the same time, but I say, ‘Hey, let me give you a hand,’ and then I just smash it through his face. That would be pretty cool. And then we both die at the same time, very Shakespearean.”

Aaron’s metal prosthetic arm, the result of a gruesome accident early on in Season 9, is an idea carried over from the comic books. Because it would have been too costly applying CGI to erase the hand of Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln), who received the most screen time, the idea was repurposed and the makeup effects team of Greg Nicotero supplied Marquand with a physical prop to act as Aaron’s prosthetic.

The Walking Dead Aaron mace hand
(Photo: AMC)

“It’s crazy, because I think when [showrunner Angela Kang] threw out the idea in the first place, I thought, ‘That’s awesome.’ Because anybody who reads the comics knows that Rick had his arm cut off by the Governor, I believe, and he has this really cool kind of hooked arm that looks badass,” Marquand said.


“But the powers that be were like, ‘The CGI costs of that alone are gonna be ridiculous.’ So they scrapped that idea, but they didn’t want to lose the idea of someone losing an arm in addition to Merle at some point in the show. And then Angela’s like, ‘We’re thinking about losing your arm then giving you a prosthetic.’ And once I saw the pictures of the prosthetic, I was like, ‘Ash vs. Evil Dead vibes, very Army of Darkness.’ I was like, oh, baby, yeah. ‘Let me give you a hand,’ again, but yeah, I thought it was cool.”

At one point in Season 10, premiering October 6 on AMC, Aaron will accessorize his prosthetic with a mace when he’s forced to partner with a semi-released Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan).