The Walking Dead: Ross Marquand & Jordan Woods-Robinson Walker Stalker Panel Recap

Two stars of The Walking Dead, Ross Marquand and Jordan Woods-Robinson, joined's Walking Dead Insider Brandon Davis for a panel at the Walker Stalker Convention in Atlanta. The actors play Aaron and Eric respectively, and the two have an ongoing relationship throughout the series.

Brandon first addresses the 'secret talents' for the two actors. Jordan had performed a concert with his band the night before and the guys recap the event for a moment. Jordan says it may not be appropriate for a song at this point on The Walking Dead, but he'd like to have the opportunity.

Ross and Brandon talk about Ross' talent as an impressionist and how he liked to impersonate folks on set.

Jordan talks about his lack of presence on the show, and says Eric has still been nursing the fractured ankle back at Alexandria. He also says he shot a lot of footage but plenty got cut for time.

Ross talks about the alternate scene in which Negan killed him on set. He says it was difficult but the outcome with all of the deaths was super effective. It brought Rick to a shattering place and the moment was very touching.

Ross talks about enjoying watching the episodes live with everyone else. Instead of watching them early, he likes to be kept guessing with the other fans.

A fan asks Ross about his favorite moment on set so far. Ross hesitates, but talks about the incredible experience of seeing Alexandria for the first time. He enjoyed being the well-kept guys trying to convince the rugged crew that coming to a community would be a good thing.

Brandon and Ross talk about this show being his big break, and experiencing all of the convention madness with The Walking Dead. He likes the fact that he's a action figure now.

Jordan's favorite moment on set was eating spaghetti with the crew. He says that most of the food on set is vegan, vegetarian, or fish because the guts and gore can ruin an appetite.

Ross is asked about his favorite impression to do. He says Christopher Walken and Matt McConaughey. According to Jordan he is also known as the John Malcovich guy.

A fan from Georgia asks about what it's like filming in Atlanta.

Ross didn't love how cold and hot it got around the year. He appreciates the muck though, because you don't have to provide the illusion that you're uncomfortable.

The guys talk about the Negan scene being very cold, and the breath coming from the characters was definitely real. The weather keeps it interesting.

Many of Ross' castmates say his a lot like his character. Ross says he can maybe see it, because he loses his backpack and wears trechcoats all of the time. He was joking, but he does actually collect license plates in real life.

A fan asks if the other characters will be getting darker over the next season.

Ross says Eric and Aaron are probably the most likely to do so because they have spent the most time outside. Jordan agrees, saying it's inevitable.

Brandon says the next question is going to be answered in an impression by Ross. The impression will be John Malkovich.

Ross, in that voice, talks about all of the zombies around him driving him insane. The impression was spot on.

Brandon asks the guys about Aaron's guilt after losing the backpack and driving the battles. Ross says it's a combination of guilt and fear now that there are so much bigger groups.

The guys talk about the Negan scene, and Jordan doesn't blame Daryl for what happened, As a fan, he thinks that Genn himself wouldn't blame Daryl for what he did.

Brandon asks Jordan when he found out about Glenn's death since he wasn't in the scene. Jordan says he figured it out through clues pretty early on, but he didn't have confirmation uniil the episode aired.

A fan asks if it was good for the folks of Alexandria to get a wake up call by Rick showing up.

Jordan thinks it would have been nice to stay behind the wall without Rick, but they question whether or not they would have been able to be strong without them. It only would have been a matter of time before someone attacked.

Ross says Jeffery Dean Morgan was horrifying on set, and Brandon agrees that he is scarier than the comics. Jordan says he's most terrifying because he's jovial and upbeat about what he does.

Ross says Negan lives like the villain on No Country For Old Men. He lives by a code, and doesn't bend around it. This is what drives him throughout.


A fan asks if either actor has gotten injured on set. Ross jokes that he had a hang nail, and Jordan admits to losing a toe nail with his fake cast. Ross says each actor has had some kind of minor injury at some point.

Brandon asks what they can expect from season seven going forward. Ross answers and says the biggest thing is that the group is assimilating to Negan's culture. It's very black and white because they can either do what he says or die. The cut and dry of him is what makes his villain so great. The scope has also grown enormously, with all of the new communities and threats.