'The Walking Dead's Scott Wilson Kept One Of Hershel's Heads As A Souvenir

Hershel may have lost his head on The Walking Dead, but Scott Wilson will never lose the prop used on set to portray the events.

The actor who portrayed Hershel Greene on the AMC series from its second season through its fourth told RadioTV Talk that he kept the prop head used in his final episode (discounting his flashback appearance later). “My wife keeps it in the closet,” Wilson said. “One head like that is enough around here!”

Another prop version of Wilson's Hershel head is on display in the Smithsonian museum, where it sees near a huge dinosaur skeleton. “That had a big impression on me,” Wilson said. “Now there I am!”

The Walking Dead was one of many shows or movies in which Wilson played a character who was killed off, prompting the actor to acknowledge the laughable fact. “I have more lives than cats,” Wilson said. "I think I was killed on my second film. I have been killed in war two or three times. Quite a few gruesome gang kills. I’ve been blown away, squibs all over me. I guess it’s part of acting to get used to dying. At least my career is still alive!”


“I loved Rick coming down with that six-shooter on his hip," Wilson, a western movie veteran, recalled of Hershel's finals moments.

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