Lauren Cohan Officially Returning to The Walking Dead as Maggie

When last we left Maggie Greene in the Walking Dead, she had disappeared during the "time skip" where multiple years had passed for the characters making up Rick Grimes' gang. With Lauren Cohan originally stating that her status was uncertain as to whether or not she would return to the wildly popular AMC series, it has now been revealed at New York Comic Con that Maggie will in face be returning in season ten. How or why she is making a comeback smack dab in the middle of the Whisperer War is anyone's guess but we'll be sure to fill you in as we learn more details.'s own Brandon Davis is currently at New York Comic Con 2019 and managed to capture this amazing moment when Lauren Cohan returns to the Walking Dead stage to help usher in her character's comeback to the series:

Maggie has been a complicated, and interesting character, since first appearing in the second season of the AMC television show. Beginning a relationship with Rick's original "number two", Glenn, the pair attempted to make their way throughout the zombie strewn landscape, only for it all to end in tragedy when Negan entered the picture. With Rick and company trapped between Negan's crew in a giant circle of death, the barbed wire baseball bat wielding antagonist decided to "pick" Glenn to be the one to be on the receiving end of Lucille, murdering Maggie's beau in cold blood.

From here, Maggie found herself in something of a leadership position, managing to eventually take the reins of the community of the hill, appropriately dubbed "The Hilltop". When Maggie was last mentioned, she had disappeared from the Hilltop with the mysterious character Georgie. Rest assured, we'll be learning more about just where Maggie went and what she has been doing since her disappearance from the series.

With most of Rick's cast of characters meeting terrible demises along the course of the AMC show, fans will most likely be happy to see Lauren Cohan return, giving us a nice nod to the earlier years of the series prior to the numerous character exoduses.


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