The Walking Dead: Season 7 Ending Will Be Drastically Different From Its Premiere

The Walking Dead has been known to change things up from season to season. Season three, in the prison, felt much different from season two, at the farm, because they were designed from different styles. Cut from different cloths, if you will.

This is part of what makes The Walking Dead so successful. By keeping fans guessing, by keeping you on your toes, there's less of a chance that you'll ever get bored. You may lose interest during an episode or two, but the show then turns around and bites you when you're not ready for it.


After the season seven premiere, many fans were questioning whether or not they wanted to keep watching the show. In addition to the brutal and horrifying violence in the episode, audiences didn't like watching Rick Grimes play the victim. This man was their hero, and then he became Negan's broken slave.

If you were in that camp, there's good news - Scott Gimple has come to the rescue.

In an exclusive interview with's Walking Dead Insider, Brandon Davis, Gimple revealed that the show will have a totally different feel when the seventh season ends.

Towards the conclusion of the interview, Davis asked if there would be any change in style as season 7B came along. Gimple's answer was very honest, and very uplifting.

"I will say 7B's vibe is very different from 7A's vibe. The ending of 7B is very different than the beginning of 7A," Gimple said. "Just the vibe in 7B, I was just talking about it with Andy [Lincoln] last night. It's just a very, very different half season than the half season that preceded it. Even with structure, what we're doing right now with the episodes and seeing where everyone is at, the structure is very, very different than the back half. There's a lot more variety to the structure. It's just a very, very different situation, but 6, 7, 8 ... Wow, we're really close, aren't we? I would say the end of 7A is very different than the beginning of 7A. That's the thing that kind of launches that different tone of 7B."

Once this half-season wraps up in December, fans should be in for a total momentum shift on The Walking Dead. If that means Rick is finally ready to rise up, and be a total bad-ass again, then so be it.

Bring it on, Gimple, the fans are ready.



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