'The Walking Dead' Teases Major Betrayal In Season 8 Finale

The Walking Dead's action-packed season 8 is poised to go out with a bang, and now fans can expect a major twist over the course of tonight's events.

The official Twitter account for Skybound Entertainment's The Walking Dead shared a tweet highlighting the newest installment of 'Walking Dead Cocktail,' featuring a drink appropriately dubbed "The Betrayal," hinting at a turn in tonight's season 8 finale.

"The official drink of tonight's #WalkingDead Finale is called 'The Betrayal Cocktail' for a reason," the account wrote, with an accompanying "look" emoji.

It's unlikely anyone from Rick's tight-knit camp would sell out Team Family, so the tease could be hinting at a reversal for Eugene, who is confirmed to be playing a big role in the season closer.

Despite Eugene's "I am Negan" pledge and his puppy-like way of fulfilling Negan's commands — including the manufacture of bullets Negan plans to use to wipe out Rick and company after leading them directly into the line of fire — it's not too late for the usually spineless genius to use his brains and his position to give Team Family a much-needed assist.

Remember: Eugene slipped Sasha the suicide pill she ultimately utilized to prevent herself from being used to hurt their friends, a move that came at great risk to himself.

Proving he's not all bad, Eugene assisted Sanctuary prisoners Father Gabriel and Dr. Carson in their escape from Negan's compound — an action that once again put the self-preservation-obsessed Eugene at risk.

Following his capture at the hands of old allies Dwight and Rosita in 8x15, his old cross-country traveling buddy stuck a gun in his face and threatened to pull the trigger — a significant moment that could prove to be the deciding call on whether or not Eugene finds redemption or commits fully to the dark side.

"You're selfish. And you're a coward. And you're a traitor," Rosita told him.

"You turned your back on the only friends you ever had. Shooting you in the head right here would actually make the world a better place. We're not gonna kill you. Not because we give a rat's ass about you," she said, pressing her finger into his head, "we just need what's in there."

"We're gonna stuck you in the darkest hole we can find, and the only time you'll see the light of day is when we need you to teach us how to do something. So don't worry, you'll get what you want, you'll live," Rosita told the frightened Eugene. "But we're gonna force you to do something useful with your pathetic life."

Later, having escaped from the pair and returned to the bullet making factory, Eugene found himself reinvigorated.

"If Negan needs bullets to end this war, then by ginger, he's gonna get 'em. All of 'em," Eugene said. "Scotch my talk of a bare minimum. No, sirs and madams, we shall rise to the occasion with the ammunition and we will blow them away with every trigger pull they require. We shall, and we will... we will change Savior history evermore."

And then, Rosita's words rattled in his mullet, "Time to do something useful with our pathetic lives."

That could be it: Rosita's words either pushed Eugene past the point of no return or she fueled the Alexandrian-turned-Savior to do what's right — even if that could ultimately cost him what he wants the most.


Whatever direction Eugene takes tonight, good or bad, expect it to prove significant as the war comes to its end.

The Walking Dead airs its extended season 8 finale tonight at 9/8c on AMC.