‘The Walking Dead’ Star Wants to Know More About Mysterious Helicopter

The Walking Dead star Cooper Andrews, who plays Cobbler-loving and axe-swinging Kingdom loyalist Jerry, is as anxious as anyone to learn more about the mysterious recurring helicopter that has ties to former junkyard leader Anne (Pollyanna McIntosh).

“I honestly think that if Jerry saw it, I feel like it would be a low priority,” Andrews told Business Insider. “I think that he would try to chase the helicopter. Because in his mind I think ... we’d need to find where that’s coming from. I think Jerry is more focused on what he can control and what he can handle.”

In The Walking Dead Season Nine, the world has since devolved even further: 18 months after the war, a western vibe has emerged on the series as the survivors now travel by horseback and horse-drawn carriages.

Because resources like fuel and ammo are in shorter supply than ever before, Andrews wants to know “where there’s a place where they’re still getting gas and being able to fly helicopters.”

Finding out “might work kind of counter,” Andrews said. “Someone wherever out there, a group, we don't know what can handle — what can hold a helicopter. So, I just really want to know.”

Anne’s ties to the junkyard were revealed in Season Eight when Anne — then acting as Scavenger queen “Jadis” — was seen preparing for a pick-up that never happened because of a scuffle with a kidnapped Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan).

“She’s certainly in touch with people that don’t seem to be the people that we know already,” McIntosh told Business Insider previously. “This seems to be some other situation out there. Is it an extension of the Heapster community? Is it another community? Is it a single person? Is it a group? I don't wanna give too much away.”

The helicopter is expected to play a prominent role this season as it can be spotted even on the key art for Season Nine, located near Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln).


The San Diego Comic-Con Season Nine trailer contained an easter egg paying homage to the Commonwealth — a sprawling and advanced network of survivors introduced in the comic books that has yet to reach the show — who would certainly be capable of possessing the required resources necessary for owning and operating a helicopter.

The Walking Dead returns Sunday, October 7 on AMC.