'The Walking Dead' Season 9 Will Introduce Several New Locales

The Walking Dead Season Nine will expand the AMC show's horizons with new locations.Fielding [...]

The Walking Dead Season Nine will expand the AMC show's horizons with new locations.

Fielding questions of the AMC show and Skybound comic book series, Skybound's Johnny O'Dell addressed whether or not the show will explore new locations in Season Nine after a fan submitted the question into their weekly Mail Bag. "Yes, in Season 9 you will see more of both communities (especially Hilltop) – along with several new locales," O'Dell wrote.

The comic book series doesn't offer much insight as to what types of locations fans can expect to journey to on television. Groups such as the Whisperers are introduced but never explicitly claim a home. Much later, however, the Commonwealth community is introduced in the time which followed the Whisperer War. It is not impossible for the AMC series to jump ahead toward a more civilized story line. Unlike the AMC show, the comic books saved the Oceanside community's introduction for after the post-All Out War time jump.

With the AMC show filming in downtown Atlanta in the Season Nine premiere's production, it's possible a new city will be explored which fans have not seen before.

O'Dell also promised new characters in the upcoming season. "We can shed more light on this," Skybound's Johnny O'Dell wrote. "You will see characters from the comics as well as new characters unique to the show."

Immediately, fans of the comics will think of Magna and her group's first appearance. The characters popped into The Walking Dead comics in the first issue which followed the All Out War story. The group still has not turned into a major factor for the series but some of its members play supporting roles in overarching narratives. Among the group arriving with Magna is Yumiko, a character who goes on to become her girlfriend later on, and travels to the Commonwealth community with her in more recent issues.

Other newcomers could be Ken, Marco, and Dante, each of whom play roles in the introduction of the Whisperers. Whether or not the Whisperers and their two leaders, Alpha and Beta, will make an appearance in Season Nine is still unknown. However, the group was certainly teased to an extent in the Season Eight finale.

As for the newcomers who are unique to the TV series, there is no way to predict who they will be. However, often times on The Walking Dead, when a character is introduced as one who does not exist in the comics, they often borrow storylines or traits from those seen on the pages. With Skybound's O'Dell promising new names unique to the TV series, it's a safe bet that they will in some way reflect comic book counterparts.

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