'The Walking Dead': SPOILER Proposes in Season 9 Premiere

While The Walking Dead has become known for its devastating and deadly premieres, the Season 9 opener actually brought a good bit of happiness, as it set up the new world that Rick and the others built during the time jump. Much to the surprise of fans, one of these light-hearted moments came in the form of a marriage proposal.

WARNING: Major spoilers ahead for the Season 9 premiere of The Walking Dead! Continue reading at your own risk...

As has been teased throughout the summer, Carol and Ezekiel are now in a relationship. Being the showman that he is, Ezekiel likes profess his love in the grandest of ways. In tonight's episode, he certainly does just that, as he proposes to Carol.

Much less surprising than the proposal itself is Carol's response. She turns him down almost immediately, though it seems like they may have had this conversation before. Carol doesn't want to get married again, especially given how hurt she was by her first husband. Fortunately, her answer wasn't exactly negative.

Carol doesn't want to get married, but she made it clear that she wants to be with Ezekiel going forward. The two have found happiness with one another, and she would like to keep it that way it seems.

Not only do Carol and Ezekiel enjoy spending time together, but the two actors who play the characters value each other's company as well. During the Season 9 preview special, Khary Payton only had wonderful things to say about his work alongside Melissa McBride.


"I'm personally having a lovely time," Payton said. "Working with Melissa is always amazing. I always say she is the best acting coach I've ever had! It just so happens, I don't have to pay her. Whatever I'm feeling about a scene, she can say something or point something out, and my world changes."

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