'The Walking Dead' Fan Comes Up With Epic Series Ending

A Reddit user and fan of The Walking Dead has come up with an awesome ending for the AMC series should such a moment ever come.

Battlehead, a Walking Dead subreddit user who is also active with topics such as Star Wars and Christmas gifts, posted his theory on Wednesday which has since gained more than 50 upvotes and an ample amount of additional supporting ideas in comment form.

"Instead of x character riding off into the sunset whenever the comics and the tv show come to an end I think it would be cool for them to do a 'flyover' of the current state of whatever years after the outbreak of the places they have been," Battlehead writes. "Seeing King County, Atlanta, prison, Woodbury etc. and what have become of them. Seeing Atlanta still having walkers, Woodbury possibly being rebuilt and repopulates. Maybe the prison is still abandoned, seeing the tank and the rest of the governors militia vehicles still where they lie, rotting in the lot."

The idea of The Walking Dead sending viewers back down memory lane with the current state of each previously visited and iconic location is enough to send chills down long time fans' spines.

Reddit user nyradmilli added a few milestone moments which could also be revisited should this "flyover" moments be realized. "It'd be pretty neat if they also panned over graves and corpses while doing so," nyradmilli wrote "We'd get to see the decayed remains of characters like Shane, Hershel, The Governor, The Claimers, victims of Terminus, and Bob's leg. Then graves like Glenn's, Abraham's, Tyreese's, Beth's, Lizzie's, and Mika's. Maybe throw in a few shots like Maggie's message telling Glenn to go Terminus, the message they wrote when looking for Sophia, the walls from Morgan's episode in S3, or Carl's 'Walker got my shoe, didn't get me' message from S4."

Such an ending might prove difficult for the AMC series for several reasons. The prison, for example, has been transformed into the Sanctuary on The Walking Dead's set. The yard of the prison serves as the trash heap's home with dozens of smashed cars piled on to each other to create the junkyard look. Other locations might be attainable, seeing as the series has never left the Atlanta or Senoia, Georgia area in favor of Alexandria, Virginia where the story is set.

With the Old Man Carl theory officially ruled out by way of walker bite, a trip down memory lane updating the status of the zombie apocalypse across previous locations seems like a glorious final moment for fans of the AMC series. Cast members are already considering how the show should conclude, having run for eight years now.


"I've said to you before and I really feel that the fans — and also for my own satisfaction — that there deserves to be an end point," Rick actor Andrew Lincoln told THR. "There needs to be an end game and that is something that is definitely being talked about. I can't get into all of that. But all of that will be answered. As I've said to you before — and I will continue to say — my relationship with Rick Grimes is far from over."

The Walking Dead returns for the second half of its eighth season on February 25, 2018. For complete coverage and insider info all year long, follow @BrandonDavisBD on Twitter.