Watch 'The Walking Dead' Fans React to Series Premiere

'Fan reactions' might not have been as popular back in 2010 when The Walking Dead aired its first [...]

"Fan reactions" might not have been as popular back in 2010 when The Walking Dead aired its first episode on Halloween night. That's why Skybound compiled a video of fans of the zombie series, new and old, watching the pilot episode for the first time in footage dug up from back then and new viewers.

Most of the fans in the video above are watching the episode for the first time years after it aired. Others, however, a re-watching the episode having stuck with the series through its current ninth season. Others, however, have knowledge of major events on the show such as Glenn's death because they have social media and the series tends to create a major buzz.

Right off the bat, fans are scared of the little girl who walks around and carries her teddy bear. Of course, this is just the beginning of what would become a much more terrifying and violent series. Still, they were shocked to see Rick pulled out his Colt Python and put her down.

The Walking Dead's series premiere episode was titled "Days Gone Bye." The official synopsis for Days Gone Bye reads, "Deputy Sheriff Rick Grimes awakens from a coma, and searches for his family in a world ravaged by the undead."

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