'The Walking Dead' Actor Shares Bizarre Helicopter Crossover Theory

The Walking Dead star Steven Ogg, who plays Savior number two Simon, has an out-there explanation for that mysterious helicopter.

"When you have to do a lot of press and these interviews and you get asked questions that you can't f—king answer anyway, I tend to lie a lot," Ogg told audiences during a fan Q&A session at Fan Fest Chicago Saturday.

"So I think the helicopter could feed into something that — I think in Germany I was giving this answer a lot — that the whole Mexican drug cartel comes in, and there's a crossover, it's like [Netflix original series] Narcos and all of this," Ogg joked.

"And so maybe they've been listening to me and maybe the helicopter has something to do with the Mexican drug cartel that's coming in with Pablo Escobar."

Co-star Jayson Warner Smith, who played the recently killed-off Gavin, chimed in with, "oh, where Gavin's twin brother works!"

Also on hand for the panel was actress Pollyanna McIntosh, whose character, Jadis, is somehow tied to the helicopter.

The lone survivor of the Scavenger community coordinated with the chopper for a scheduled pick up in 8x14 — with a signal flare and a packed suitcase in hand — but McIntosh claimed to know nothing.

"It's an exciting development and it's endless possibilities out there," McIntosh said. "For a long time I've been in the dark very much, so, I'm afraid you'll have to suffer a little longer. But I had to suffer longer, so we're in it together."

Answers about the helicopter's purpose and who it belongs to won't come this season, but McIntosh said there's more layers to peel on the onion that is Jadis.

"What I would assume as an audience member is that there's more to be revealed, that these are layers coming off. The language and the clothing and what's next?" McIntosh told ComicBook.com.

"What else can we discover about her? Where will she go from here? So, I always feel like characters, either they get broken down, so they need to be built up or they get broken down and so they turn and they have more of a wall or something in the way, so I'm kind of looking forward to seeing which direction she takes," McIntosh said.


Simon, meanwhile, finds himself in hot water with Negan when he makes a surprise return to the Sanctuary this Sunday.

The Walking Dead airs the penultimate episode of season 8, "Worth," Sunday at 9/8c on AMC, followed by the extended Walking Dead season 8 finale Sunday, April 15.