'The Walking Dead' Star Steven Ogg Torches Online Bullies

The Walking Dead's Steven Ogg has officially laid the smack down on online bullies and trolls.

Ogg, who played Simon on The Walking Dead through a pair of seasons, has witnessed anonymous online trolls harass his co-stars to the point that they abandon social media all together. The verbal assaults ranged from death threats to body shaming (which has also earned fiery responses). The actor says it makes him "f---ing sick."

The "disgusting" trolls actually get Ogg quite riled up. “It makes me sick that these trolls and these people can say stuff, because, again, the social anonymity of it is what allows people somehow the right to just say whatever the f--- they want,” Ogg told HuffingtonPost. “Don’t just hide behind this anonymity and say whatever you want. That s--- pisses me off.”

Ogg, personally, has seen his share of online haters. He has, however, learned to get passed them. “It does affect you, but you have to quickly go, it’s bottom feeders, right? It’s catfish," Ogg said. "It’s people that are eating the f---ing s--- out of the hippo tank, and that’s how you’re spending your time? It’s sad… That’s why Alanna’s post was so beautiful, because f--- off. But how does he really feel?"

After receiving death threats following Eugene's choices on The Walking Dead, Josh McDermitt quit social media in its entirety. According to Ogg, he's much better off. “He’s happier and in a better place than ever now,” Ogg said. "His energy, and I made the point of saying this to him, is different."


While Ogg will no longer be a part of The Walking Dead following Simon's sendoff in Episode 8x15 on Sunday night, the actor remains close with several of his co-stars. Throughout the year, he and the cast get together at various Walker Stalker Conventions and other events around the country and world. He joined the show in its Season Six finale, appearing as Negan's right hand man, only to betray the Savior leader as he became hungry for the position. The actor was a series regular throughout Season Eight after appearing in a handful of episodes in Season Seven.

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