The Walking Dead Episode 10x05: What It Always Is

On Sunday night, AMC will air the fifth episode of The Walking Dead's tenth season. The series has continued to impress critics and fans who have stayed on board, with showrunner Angela Kang's second season continuing to build on the quality with each new installment. On the heels of Negan's redemption arc moving forward during a story with Aaron, the character has escaped Alexandria while others back home prepare for the rising tensions with the Whisperers. A recent review from called the AMC series "one of the best shows on television." Sunday's Episode 10x05 is no exception to the quality.

The Walking Dead Episode 10x05 is titled, "What It Always Is." The official synopsis for What It Always Is reads, "Supplies go missing from Hilltop, Negan is idolized by an Alexandrian, and Ezekiel holds a secret." The episode is directed by Laura Besley on a script from Eli Jorne.

Of course, Ezekiel's secret might be a dark one. The character recently hit an emotional ground zero and had to be literally talked off of a ledge by Michonne. While things seemed to be going in the right direction for the character after his talk with Michonne, Ezekiel actor Khary Payton warns that there might be more dark times ahead like the episode's synopsis seems to be.

"Therapy usually doesn't go the way of one session," Payton told You know, one conversation with Michonne probably isn't enough. I think he probably going to have to find a couch to lean on and wax dramatically about the problems that are going on in his brain. But I think it'll probably take a little more than one conversation to get him all the way back." Read the entire interview here.

Payton also noted that he missed playing the classic version of his character. "I absolutely miss the King. I miss the King," he said. "I miss the guy we met who gave that speech to his people before they were decimated. I still got a big bone to pick with Rick and everybody because I feel like the King was just cruising, doing just fine. I mean until that high caliber gun came out, we were kicking ass all over the place and it only took Ezekiel losing hundreds of people and both of his adopted sons for him to crack and be a truly dropped down to earth. But I hope that he can climb out of this whole hole. I still am pining for the day that Ezekiel finds his mojo or whatever term you want to call it and starts to see more of the light and less of the darkness."


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The Walking Dead airs Sundays at 9pm ET on AMC.