Talking Dead Guests For The Walking Dead's Whisperer War Revealed

Following The Walking Dead Episode 10x11 on Sunday night, Talking Dead will have a recap of all the action in the first part of the Whisperer War arc's big battle sequence. Talking Dead host Chris Hardwick will have a couple of guests on hand for a deep dive into the episode: Norman Reedus and Greg Nicotero. For the first time this year, Talking Dead will be moved back to its traditional programming spot, one which directly follows Sunday night's new episode of The Walking Dead rather than having another episode of an unrelated AMC series airing between the two shows.

Reedus and Nicotero both play key roles in Sunday night's new episode of AMC's zombie series. Reedus, as Daryl Dixon, takes the lead of the episode as he prepares the soldiers at the Hilltop for battle against the Whisperers. Given the show's ending which will leave viewers with an abundant amount of questions, Talking Dead might have answers or teases of answers they seek. Meanwhile, Nicotero's VFX team was put to work in tremendous fashion for the episode which called for unique walkers, Whisperer masks, and fiery battle sequences outside of the Hilltop.

The Walking Dead Episode 10x11 is titled, "Morning Star." The official synopsis for Morning Star reads, "The Whisperers are coming for Hilltop. After Daryl and Lydia's encounter with Alpha, the communities must decide whether to run or fight. Meanwhile, Eugene's communication with Stephanie gets complicated." The episode is directed by Michael Satrazemis on a script from Vivian Tse and Julia Ruchman.


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The Walking Dead airs Sundays at 9pm ET on AMC.