The Walking Dead: The Alien Releasing Rick's Brother's Story in Hardcover

The Walking Dead fans are no strangers to spinoffs and now the comic series is getting a similar treatment. A one-off book called The Walking Dead: The Alien by Brian K. Vaughan and Marcos Martin was published digitally in 2016 is now going bee published in hardcover form. Seemingly beginning and ending to the story of Rick Grimes' brother Jeff on a journey abroad in Barcelona, the the post-apocalyptic spinoff book is popular among fans of the zombie saga and can now be physically attained for newcomers, as well. It will arrive in July.

The Walking Dead: The Alien is a canon piece of a storytelling which fits into the 193 issue story told in the main The Walking Dead series. “I couldn't be a bigger fan of Vaughan and Martin's work,” said The Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman. “I've been very hesitant to allow anyone to play in the Walking Dead sandbox in comic form but when the opportunity arose for these gents to show up what Charlie Adlard and I had been doing, I jumped at the chance. It's remarkable what Vaughan & Martin were able to accomplish in one self-contained story. A tale with so much heart and emotion told far more succinctly than I've ever been capable of. I'm so thrilled to finally be sharing this story with a wider audience in this spectacular hardcover edition.”

Originally released in digital format on Panel Syndicate and printed as an oversized single issue exclusively and in limited quantity for Local Comic Shop Day, this The Walking Dead: The Alien story will be available widely and in hardcover for the first time ever.

With the announcement, Image Comics and Skybound have also revealed designs of Jeff Grimes as he made his way to the comic.

(Photo: TWD: The Alien)

The Walking Dead comic series ended abruptly in 2019 when Kirkman published issue #193 and revealed it to be the final issue on the final pages. "Rick Grimes fixed the world to the point where he was so safe that he could be killed by the weakest character in the book," Kirkman explained. "It's a statement on how good of a job he did." The explanation is a bit ironic in itself, but looking into it further, it seems as though Kirkman is implying that a character like Sebastian would have never had an opportunity to kill someone like Rick in the past of this apocalypse. Rick built the world to a point where people were able to lay comfortably in a bed without keeping their guard up."

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