'The Walking Dead' Officially Defines How Much Time Has Passed

The Walking Dead has officially defined its timeline through eight seasons, possibly making things a bit more confusing.

In a tweet from the zombie show's official account through AMC, the amount of time which had passed between Rick falling into a coma and emerging from a shipping container at Anne's scrapyard has been given a timeline. From Day One of the zombie apocalypse to Rick's capture by the woman who went by Jadis, 632 days had passed.

This means less than two years have passed since the world fell, but this is raising valid questions from fans, regarding the age of Carl and other characters within the series. Check out the tweet below.

This is the first time a specific amount of time has been stamped onto the AMC show's narrative. Looking back at the series' history, a number of time jumps led people to believe more time had passed than two years.

However, the biggest question mark comes from Carl's age. Starting the show at 10 years old, Carl actor Chandler Riggs turned 18 before his departure in Season Eight. Needless to say, he aged quite a bit during his time in the apocalypse, which included getting shot in the stomach and eye, only to get bitten and succumb to the virus.

In fact, Carl's age was the first thing a fan pointed out in response to the tweet, as seen above. Of course, sometimes fans who accept a zombie series might be better off accepting the fact that the actor aged more quickly than Carl was supposed to.

It's also worth noting the amount of time which has passed on the AMC show does not necessarily apply to Robert Kirkman's comic book series. There have been several deviations from the source material so the timeline would be no surprise if it didn't line up with the comics.


Heading into Season Nine, a considerable amount of time will pass by comparison to the Season Eight finale. With the Season Eight finale having concluded about a week after the photo of Rick included in the timeline-defining tweet, Season Nine will pick up about 18 months later.

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