The Walking Dead Predicted Toilet Paper Hoarding

As the global concern the spreading of the coronavirus grows, people around the United States are running into an interesting problem. All of the stores are completely sold out of toilet paper because people are hoarding packages of the bathroom tissue as a means to prepare for quarantining in their homes. No one knows just how long everybody is going to be staying at home for, so the panic buying is soaring at stores all around. However, such a necessity and demand for toilet paper had been predicted on The Walking Dead years ago, as fans have now spotted after taking another look at the show's first episode.

After waking up in Morgan's house, Rick Grimes stumbled through the living room to meet his new friend. In that living room, Morgan is revealed to have stockpiled an intense amount of toilet paper. At the time when this aired, back in 2010, no one thought much of it. It was more of an impression of, "Well, that makes sense." Now, given the climate of the real world, it's a bit alarming to think of how the details of The Walking Dead are translating to our real world.

A screenshot of the moment where Morgan's living room was captured by a fan who re-watched the episode. This photo was then shared on The Walking Dead's section of Reddit and you can see it in the post embedded below.

S1E1 Days Gone Bye, they were more prepared than we thought. from r/thewalkingdead

Scarier might be the fact that the coronavirus has infected its first patient in the same hospital where Robert Kirkman launched its story from. On lighter note, fans are finding ways to have fun with it, making Rick Grimes cry over today's toilet paper shortage.

The Walking Dead has come a long way from the days of Rick Grimes meeting Morgan Jones and walking past his stock pile of toilet paper. The AMC series has not only said goodbye to Carl Grimes actor Chandler Riggs and Morgan Jones actor Lennie James (he went over to Fear the Walking Dead for a crossover) but Andrew Lincoln also departed the series and his Rick Grimes role. Rick is expected to return to the role in a series of films getting a theatrical release from Universal Studios and AMC but no word has come about from the promised movies since being announced other than a vague teaser at San Diego Comic-Con.

Still, the series has returned to peak quality in Season 10, going on to see a spike in viewership on Sunday night with one of its most acclaimed episodes of the current batch.


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