The Walking Dead Releases Walkers and Whisperers ASMR Experience

The Walking Dead has published a 21-minute ASMR experience featuring the sounds of growling walkers and hushed whispers from the Whisperers, the army of flesh-wearing freaks commanded by Alpha (Samantha Morton) and Beta (Ryan Hurst). The video is the latest in Whisperer-focused marketing released in the lead up to the Season 10 midseason premiere, "Squeeze," and its sounds allow audiences to picture themselves in the perilous situation facing our heroes when The Walking Dead returns: Daryl (Norman Reedus) and company are surrounded by thousands of walkers, their moans and snarls echoing through the seemingly endless cave that has trapped our hapless heroes.

"We’ve trapped a bunch of people in a cave full of walkers, so we have to tell that story. So, that’s definitely going to be a big part of when we pick back up," showrunner Angela Kang previously told EW of the upcoming midseason premiere. "Obviously, we have Negan embedded with the Whisperers, so we’ll continue to kind of tell the story that’s involved there. And then, not necessarily specific to the episode back, but just as a whole, at this point now some lines have been crossed, right? The border has been crossed by both sides. There have been these acts of war and so things are now escalating very, very fast. And we kind of get to the big conflict between the Whisperers and our people."

Recently released synopses for the first two episodes of Season 10B note "Squeeze" will reveal how — or if — the trapped heroes escape the cave, and Episode 10x10, "Stalker," finds the Alexandrians forced to defend their community from an outside force that has made its way into their walls.


Other story threads still to unfold include Mary (Thora Birch), a.k.a. Whisperer Mary, who is at risk of being sniffed out as a traitor by Alpha and new star pupil Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan). Also still to come is the final story queued up for Michonne (Danai Gurira), the Alexandria leader currently away on a risky mission that should win her the weapons needed to defeat the Whisperers and their horde, should all go according to plan.

"It’s going to come to a head in the back half and we’ll see how that plays out. And hopefully, there are some interesting twists and turns and surprises along the way," Kang said. "We will deal with what happens with Michonne and Virgil and the rest of that journey. And it’s been announced that this is Danai’s last year on the program. So, we’ll send her off."