The Walking Dead Introduces A Major New City

In the comics, the passage through Pittsburgh was a bit more sensible as it was more along the way [...]

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The Walking Dead followed its comic book source material with Sunday night's Episode 10x14. While on the journey to find his radio communications friend, Eugene took Yumiko and Ezekiel through a new city in the form of Pittsburgh. While the AMC zombie series did not abandon its Atlanta-based production to film sequences in the city which is being featured on the show for the first time, it did stay true to Robert Kirkman's comics as the journey to the Commonwealth community continues. Pittsburgh is the city where Princess is introduced, a character who also debuted in Sunday night's Look At The Flowers episode.

In issue #170 of The Walking Dead comics, Michonne lead a small group of Alexandrian survivors north to Ohio. Along the way, they made a pit stop in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. For the first time, the apocalyptic setting of Pittsburgh was revealed. The team, which also included Eugene, Siddiq, Magna, and Yumiko, trotted into the city on horseback across the Roberto Clemente Bridge. The full page spread, captured in the images below, sees the abandoned skyline as it appeared in issue #170 of Robert Kirkman's comic, drawn by Charlie Adlard.

Unlike the TV show, the series entered Pittsburgh with an iconic crossing of one of the city's bridges. Art from Charlie Adlard showed the group riding into town with the skyline visible in the distance. It was one of The Walking Dead comics' more iconic moments and a tribute to Kirkman's love of early zombie movies. Check out the artwork from the comics below.

The Walking Dead Pittsburgh
(Photo: Image Comics)

In the comics, the passage through Pittsburgh was a bit more sensible as it was more along the way from Alexandria, Virginia to Ohio. The AMC TV show has a destination of Charleston, West Virginia. By car, this deviation from the fastest route would only add a couple of hours. This means the TV show is probably using this moment as a nod to the comics and method of introduction for Princess more than anything. else.

Pittsburgh won't be a major factor in the series as the use of the setting is temporary. Exploring a new location within the post-apocalyptic world is always a fun opportunity, though.

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