The Walking Dead: Whisperer War Part 3 Preview Released

Spoilers for Fear the Walking Dead's Season 2 finale follow.

Fear the Walking Dead rounded out its second season with a breathtaking two-hour finale episode. To conclude the final episode of 2016, several key characters were left in jeopardy. Not only did Victor Strand separate himself from the group, staying behind with an angry group at the hotel, but Nick and Luciana ran into trouble at the U.S. border.

The Whisperer War is rolling on in issue #159 of The Walking Dead and our first preview for the third installment of the six issue arc has been released.

Issue #158 left off on a huge cliffhanger, as Negan stood above the leader of the Whisperers, gun in hand, ready for a fight. Dwight's group of soldiers found themselves corned by the Whisperer army but Michonne's group was ready to march to their aid.

With Dwight flustered and in danger, he looks to be bouncing back in the newly released preview as someone drives a knife through the head of an unnamed Whisperer in front of him. That said, the Whisperer being killed off in this preview is not Beta. Beta's flesh mask only fills out the equivalent of a Captain America helmet while this Whisperer has a full mask on.


The Walking Dead has switched to 16-panel grids on most pages for the Whisperer War to be able to tell more story in each issue. This previewed page is likely missing a quarter of the action which will be seen in issue #159, as the break up of the grids only consists of blocking for a 12-panel grid.

"There is only one way to survive this," Dwight says to conclude the mysterious preview. He appears to be leading a march toward the undead and/or Whisperers - is hs about to suggest covering themselves in Whisperer garb (a.k.a. zombie flesh) to blend in?


The Walking Dead #159 hits shelves next Wednesday, October 12. The Whisperer War's six issue arc will run through 2017.