The Walking Dead: Who Dies in The Whisperer War?

The Walking Dead is bringing the Whisperer War story to life starting with the first major battle in Sunday night's Morning Star episode. As the survivors from the Alexandria and Hilltop communities prepare for battle against Alpha and her horde of Whisperers, the show might once again live up to its "No one is safe," mantra. As the saying goes, the ensemble series might be thinning the herd as the tension come to an explosive boiling point and all bets are off for the war. As with most stories from the AMC zombie show, answers about which characters might die can be found in Robert Kirkman's The Walking Dead comics.

Spoilers for The Walking Dead comics follow! Major spoilers!

The first big death of the story arc was Father Gabriel. Gabriel was on lookout for Alpha's herd from the top of a water tower when he saw the massive "ocean" of the dead heading toward Alexandria. When he rushed to get down, he fell down a ladder, broke his leg when it was caught in the ladder, and sliced open by Beta while hanging upside down. It was a brutal sendoff but one which Father Gabriel actor Seth Gilliam thinks might be a worthy finale for his character.

The other big death for the series' main characters was Andrea. The closest comparison to Andrea in the series is Michonne, who has fulfilled Andrea's comic book story of becoming an absolute warrior and wife to Rick Grimes (Andrea was drastically different in the books). While Michonne might not be killed off, Dania Gurira is primed for an exit within the new few episodes of The Walking Dead.

Some lower-level characters in Alexandria are killed when the horde arrives at Alexandria's gate and the walls fail to keep them out.

On the other side of the battle, Alpha is quickly killed by Negan. The AMC show has already remixed the moment where Negan kills the leader of the Whisperers so it's possible someone else will claim Alpha's life. However, Negan continues to walk behind enemy lines so he could still be responsible for her death. In fact, Alpha's death (and her head being delivered to Rick Grimes) was what kicked off the Whisperer War, so it will be different on the series regardless.

After the war comes to an end, Beta comes across Aaron and Jesus in the woods at night. A failed sneak attack results in his own death. Of course, Jesus is no longer on the show and it seems like Daryl Dixon has been primed for a final showdown with the second-in-command of the Whisperers.

Characters like Carol and Ezekiel had already died in the comics by the time the Whisperers arrived, so their respective arcs remain wildcards for the TV series.


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The Walking Dead airs Sundays at 9pm ET on AMC.