‘The Walking Dead’ Will Feature a Classic Whisperers Moment Ripped Right From the Comics

Sunday’s The Walking Dead 910, ‘Omega,’ replicates a comic book cover almost exactly.

As pointed out by the Walking Dead Twitter account, the episode pays homage to The Walking Dead issue #136, belonging to the first storyline that introduced the Whisperers.

The issue is key to the blossoming relationship between Carl Grimes and captured Whisperer Lydia, who bond while held in the Hilltop jail. Similar beats will play out in ‘Omega,’ which highlights a growing connection between Henry (Matt Lintz) and Lydia (Cassady McClincy).

This next homage is one of several page-to-screen translations to reach The Walking Dead Season Nine as it uncovers the mystery behind the Whisperers. Showrunner Angela Kang has in the past gushed about the Whisperers storyline being among her favorites, explaining the Easter eggs for comic book readers.

“The Whisperers story in the comic is one of my favorites from the comic,” Kang told ComicBook.com.

“That storyline was coming out in the comics as I was working on the show. We were literally reading — we get the individual issues in the office and we were reading them and were like, ‘What is he doing? What’s happening? What’s happening?’ We were literally, ‘What’s happening? Could this be it?’”

Though the storyline will continue to be remixed as it’s imported from the books, Kang took a wider inspiration from creator Robert Kirkman by ending each episode with a dramatic ‘exclamation point.’

“I have to tell you that that, from my perspective, is really an homage to the comic books, because Robert Kirkman is a master of the plot twist, and it’s a real page-turner,” Kang told EW.

“Even when he does an issue that feels like, ‘Oh, look, this is really just about people’s relationships,’ and we’re getting these kind of fun scenes of people having conversations about philosophy, or here they are having lunch, whatever — there’s always that twist at the end that makes you go, ‘I can’t wait for the next issue.’”

“That was one of the story values that I was like, okay, for me, this is one of the things that equals being true to our source material, is having that feeling for every episode, looking for the thing that’s the big thing that you remember at the end of every episode that takes you into the next episode or issue,” she continued.


“It’s something that we were very purposely trying to do because I think it’s just a rhythm that tends to work well for our show. Let’s just have kind of our quiet moments as long as you have that plot engine pulling you into the next piece of it.”

The Walking Dead next airs ‘Omega’ Sunday at 9/8c on AMC.