The Walking Dead: Whisperers Win Hilltop in Exclusive Episode 10x12 Clip

The Walking Dead ended the eleventh episode of its tenth season with a massive cliffhanger as Daryl's group of warriors were surrounded by flames and doused in sap which could easily be set ablaze. It looks like the Whisperers have the upper hand in the Whisperer War without question and the Hilltop is going to left as a pile of ash. In a new clip from the upcoming Episode 10x12 of The Walking Dead provided to by AMC, it looks as though the Whisperers are indeed going to win this battle as they are looking at the ruin and death outside of the Hilltop. Of course, Alpha wants more.

Alpha has been eager to find Lydia since she left her in the show's ninth season. When Alpha returned to the Whisperers, she lied to the group and told them that Lydia was dead. Negan is one of very few people within the horde to know of Lydia's survival, although he often stands for protecting kids' lives rather than killing them -- with the exception being the time he wanted to kill Carl as a means to punish Rick (that part is still a little confusing). Now, as Alpha is declaring that she does not yet have what she wants following the destruction outside of the Hilltop, Negan and Beta are at odds about who should or should not be involved in the conversation about helping Alpha get her wish.

Also, take a moment to appreciate Negan using Lucille to bash in someone's skull. It's been a while since we have seen him do that on The Walking Dead.

Check out the exclusive clip from The Walking Dead Episode 10x12 in the video above.

The Walking Dead Episode 10x12 is titled, "Walk With Us." The official synopsis for Walk With Us reads, "Alpha and the Whisperers attack Hilltop, with Negan's help." The episode is directed by executive producer and VFX genius Greg Nicotero on a script from Eli Jorne and Nicole Mirante-Matthews.


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