The Walking Dead: Who Dies In Swear

Airing tonight on AMC will be another single group centric episode of The Walking Dead. For the [...]

Airing tonight on AMC will be another single group centric episode of The Walking Dead. For the first time in Season 7, audiences will reunite with Tara and Heath as their never ending supply run finally plays out on screen.

The new episode, titled Swear, will also introduce a new group. Despite popular theories, it is not the Whisperers of The Walking Dead comics, but a group which showrunner Scott Gimple is reluctant to share any details of. Whether they will turn out to be friend, foe, or a mixture of both is to be seen.

With such a mystery lingering regarding the new group, Tara and Heath are certainly in trouble. Is anybody else? Let's break it down...

TWD Tara 706

Rick- Safe. He is broken but Negan wants him alive as an example of what he can do to anyone in Alexandria. He will eventually have to step up and put himself on the front lines of battle with Negan's group, but not yet.

Michonne- Danger. Michonne is among the unpopular opinion in Alexandria which wishes to take on the Saviors as soon as possible. She has already attempted to decieve Rick and wants revenge for Glenn and Abraham. At this point, such an attitude puts you in danger.

Carl- Danger. Riding the first bus to Savior-town is a terrible idea. He is in a lot of danger.

Aaron- Safe. Aaron will press on, though his boyfriend may run into trouble along the way.

Maggie- Safe. Maggie will go to a dark place after watching her husband getting beaten to death but the last remaining memeber of the Greene family will evolve and emerge as a leader, especially at the Hilltop.

Eugene- Safe. Level 2 survivor has more work to do.

Sasha- Danger. Having lost everyone in her life, Sasha is broken down and willing to risk it all to take out Negan. She still has to try and fit in at the Hilltop, which will be a struggle in itself.

Rosita- Danger. She's a soldier who knows how to adapt but also on a course for revenge. As someone who tends to act on immediate interests rather than the grander picture's best options, her haste may prove costly.

Daryl- Danger. Potential morse code communications with Rick might be caught and out Daryl in danger of Negan's rage.

Dwight- Safe. He has some serious internal struggles going on but his following of Negan keeps him safe for now.

Simon- Danger. The right hand man doesn't exactly pay attention to detail. Foolishness and disrespect do not do well around Negan.

Negan- Safe. He is in complete control of his group and several others. That said, he did a great job of pissing off the one man who can rally enough people to take him down. He will have to enjoy it while it lasts.

Ezekiel- Safe. The King will bring a refreshing bit of lighthearted joy to The Walking Dead starting on Sunday night.

Carol- Safe. She is still a threat to herself but Ezekiel isn't going to let her run too far.

Morgan- Safe. Best equipped to take on threats around him and trained in disciplined fighting, Morgan does what it takes to survive and protect those around him.

Father Gabriel- Safe. Gabriel finally knows he has to fight to survive. There is no immediate threat near him.

Olivia- Danger. She is Negan's radar. That's the worst place to be.

Jesus- Safe. The ninja-like man full of wit has a lot of fight left in him.

Gregory- Danger. There's a certain woman gunning for his job.

Tara- Danger. Set to meet a new group on Sunday night and having lost her girlfriend, Tara has little to lose and potential danger ahead.

Heath- Danger. With few ties to other characters and set to meet the same new group, Heath will likely run unto trouble on Sunday night.


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