The Walking Dead: Who Is Negan's Right Hand Woman?

Sunday's new episode of The Walking Dead, 'Service', is easily the most anticipated since the season premiere. While the previous two episodes have taken fans to different communities around the area, 'Service' aims to put Rick back in the spotlight.

Not only are the core members of the group back on screen this week, but audiences will finally get to revisit the relationship between Rick and Negan.

In the season premeire, Negan used his violence and demeanor to break Rick down, bending the man to his well. When Negan shows up in Alexandria Sunday night, that's another curveball for Rick to process.

This niteraction isn't all fans should be excited for, there's actually plenty of promise in this episode. One idea that does stand out from the trailer, is that the show will bring forth the first look at another important character from the comics.

In the preview for this episode, there's a scene where Negan lets a large group of his Saviors into the streets of Alexandria. While many men walk towards the houses, there is one woman standing back a little ways, and holding a large gun. It seems as if she is commanding a group of these guys.

Who is that woman?

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(Photo: AMC)

If you're a comic fan, there are probably two ideas in your head.

First, she could be Laura, Dwight's eventual love interest when the war with Negan is over. We had this thought as well, but the actress who plays Laura came forth and admitted that this, indeed, wasn't her. Laura will be played by Lindsley Register, and appeared during the opening montage in last week's episode.

The second idea, which has now been confirmed, is that this character reflects Tara from the comics. Fans of the show know Tara as the protagonist that was in love with Denise, and that's true. In the comics, Tara is an eventual leader of Sanctuary.

Since the name was already used on another character, the show has switched things around to include this character from the comics. Arat is the woman seen in the preview, and she is played by Elizabeth Ludlow.

Arat will act as an honored soldier for Negan, and will likely assist him in many of the battles. If Dwight begins his eventual turn to Rick's side, as he does in the comics, look for Arat to fill his position.

In the comics, Tara takes on a much bigger role in the future. After the war comes to an end, and Dwight steps down as the leader of Sanctuary, Tara is one of the ones to fill his shoes. During a conflict between Alexandria and Sanctuary during the whisperer war, Tara becomes a key piece of the puzzle.

Arat will fill the void left by Tara on the show, and the other Tara will continue to be good as the fans have known her to be.



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