The Walking Dead: World Beyond Reveals Ties to Rick Grimes Movies

The Walking Dead: World Beyond dropped a trailer on Sunday night, previewing its Spring 2020 [...]

The Walking Dead: World Beyond dropped a trailer on Sunday night, previewing its Spring 2020 arrival. While the new look offered up a glimpse into the first generation of the apocalypse it also showed their ties to the three-circle logo which is known to be associated with the disappearance of Rick Grimes on The Walking Dead. Furthermore, this logo and the soldiers wearing high-tech black suits who appeared in the trailer are also known for first appearing on Fear the Walking Dead, the original Walking Dead spinoff show currently set in Texas. As the saying goes recently: it's all connected!

The trailer is loaded with exciting reveals for those hoping to further explore the Walking Dead universe. In the background of a shot of Julia Ormond's mysterious new character, the three-circle logo can be seen on a helicopter. This helicopter is black, unlike the one which took Rick Grimes, which might be an indication of it being from a different community. After all, the three-ring logo represents a trio of well-established communities which are doing quite alright within the apocalypse.

"We've seen that three-circle symbol... those three circles, and I'm saying it here, represent three different civilizations that are bound and entwined in some ways and in some ways very, very different," The Walking Dead chief content officer Scott Gimple said at New York Comic Con during the panel for AMC's upcoming third TWD series. World Beyond will be set in one of those three communities, starting its journey in Nebraska.

(Photo: AMC)

Meanwhile, the soldiers in the black suits in this trailer also appeared in Fear the Walking Dead. In the fifth season of Fear, these soldiers showed up containing maps and were not exactly willing to leave anything living in their wake. One soldier had an encounter with Althea and ultimately elected to leave her be so long as the secrets of her people are kept. Their mission seemed to be one which was to build a new future for their people -- no matter the cost.

The series will inevitably tie itself to the upcoming Rick Grimes movie, in one way or another, offering up intel regarding the communities where he may have landed. How do you think The Walking Dead: World Beyond will explore these connections to the larger Walking Dead universe? Share your thoughts in the comment section or send them my way on Instagram and Twitter!

The Walking Dead: World Beyond is set to premiere in the Spring of 2020.