'The Walking Dead': Is A Cure Finally On The Way?

The Walking Dead fans have long been curious about how the series might end, with one now [...]

The Walking Dead fans have long been curious about how the series might end, with one now believing the answer is in the children.

One fan of AMC's zombie show thinks the future of the post-apocalyptic world will be solved by children born after the zombie outbreak went airborne. "Has there been any instance that we are aware of where a child born after the initial apocalypse has died?" StanyeEast writes on Reddit. "And if so, was it confirmed that they turned without being bitten? I don't recall any examples of this and here's my reason for asking..." StanyeEast is referring to a human dying without being bitten and then turning into a walker as they do when infected with the virus.

"Obviously, we know that everyone is infected and everyone turns no matter what kills them," the theory goes on. "However, it would be pretty intriguing if we found out that rule only applies to everyone who was alive at the time the apocalypse happened.

"Basically, that would open up the possibility where anyone born after Day 1 (or Day Zero) would only turn if bitten, which would allow for an eventual end to what is now a seemingly endless cycle of eventual Walkers."

This leaves characters such as Judith, Rick Junior, Gracie baby Hershel, and Rosita's soon-to-arrive unborn child as possible solutions for further down the road. "Just a theory I was mulling over and I'm not sure if it has already been disproven at some point somewhere within the Walking Dead Universe," StanyeEast writes. "That would certainly pave the way for some sort of conclusion that isn't just a world full of triumphant Walkers and animals at the end. It's also not quite a generic 'immunity' ending since it would instead be a matter of someone being born late enough to have been spared."

The Walking Dead has not dealt with immunity or cures throughout its nine year run to date. The Rick Grimes movies might play with such an idea but details of those films remain behind-the-scenes, so if the children are going to be immune the airborne aspect of the virus the walkers will slowly begin to lose control of the earth. If they do turn out to be immune, perhaps there is a cure hidden in their DNA... if only the CDC didn't explode back in Season One!

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