The Walking Dead's Andrew Lincoln And Norman Reedus Renegotiated Their Season 8 Contracts

The world of television has gotten expensive lately, and many well-known networks are paying top-dollar for the best talent on the market. Stars of The Big Bang Theory are making around $1 million per episode. HBO's hit series Game Of Thrones has a number of stars making even more for their episodes in the show's final two seasons.

The Walking Dead is the most successful series on cable television, and their stars are taking money to the bank as well.

While many actors are considered regulars on the series, two of these talents make more than the rest. It makes sense, as one of these actors plays the focal point of the entire series, and the other has fans promising to 'riot' if he ever dies.

That's right, it comes as no surprise that Andrew Lincoln and Norman Reedus are paid handsomely for their takes on Rick Grimes and Daryl Dixon.

It has been discovered recently that the two actors underwent contract negotiations going into the show's seventh season, and this sees a pay increase each year for both actors.

(Photo: AMC)

As it stands now, following this deal, Lincoln and Reedus will each make $550,000 per episode this season, and $650,000 in season eight.

Let that sink in, these stars are making the entire cost of a new home, a nice new home, for one hour of television. Sure, each episode takes a while to film, but that's a crazy statistic. It may not be as much as HBO is paying the stars of Game Of Thrones, but it's still en enormous price tag.

When you start thinking about The Walking Dead without Rick or Daryl, however, there isn't much there to imagine. Without those two, AMC doesn't have a series.

They may be expensive, but it looks like they're worth every penny.


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Source: The Hollywood Reporter