The Walking Dead's Andrew Lincoln Sings To Greg Nicotero


At the MCM Comic Con in London this past weekend, The Walking Dead excutive producer Greg Nicotero revealed that at the end of each production day, he has a wrap-up conversation with stars Andrew Lincoln and Norman Reedus -- and that when a call comes in from Lincoln and goes to voicemail, the actor generally sings to him for the first portion of it.

He said that the actor never leaves his American accent during the phone calls, and so his singing voice on the messages is...not good.

Then he played a piece of one of the messages for the audiences as evidence of all of those claims:

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The synopsis for "Thank You," is short and not so sweet, reading, "A return home doesn't go as expected." What trouble will they run into?


In the aftermath of the Wolves attacking Alexandria, Rick and his group must accommodate a massive horde of walkers while trying to get back home and defend their town.